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Monday, August 16, 2004

A Connection Between Education and Unemployment?

Obviously, since I am a teacher, I believe education is important to anyone's future. It is sometimes hard to convince students the same is true no matter what they want to do. I found this report from the Dallas Federal Reserve which gives my beliefs some support. Among other things in the report is this quote:
Over the past decade, an era of rapid technological change and globalization, big employment gains came in occupations that rely on people skills and emotional intelligence. We added 512,000 registered nurses and 248,000 people in financial-services sales. Others in growing occupations include lawyers, educational and vocational counselors, and recreation workers.

The past decade also saw gains in jobs that involve imagination and creativity—designers, architects, photographers, actors and directors. The hairstylists and cosmetologists category rose by 146,000 jobs. Many occupations that use analytic reasoning have continued to grow, too, but computer operators and others are beginning to see their numbers fall.

The occupations in eclipse are generally those that involve muscle power, manual dexterity and formulaic intelligence. The number of secretaries and typists, for example, has fallen by 1.3 million since 1992, as more computers, printers, voice mail and other office machines have entered the workplace. The ranks of sewing machine operators have declined by 347,000, those of farmers by 182,000.

My question to you is: How should our school help build imagination, creativity, people skills and emotional intelligence?


Blogger Corey Wells said...

The school only needs to do a couple things in order for those things to be brought to the students attention that arent already being done. First emphasis on education is the first thing that i think the staff at HHS does a very good job at. Secondly empasis needs to be put on the fact that anyone can do anything that they want to if they think they can do it. Too many students these days settle with what the world thinks they can do and so they only push themselves as hard as they need to to get there. I think one of the most common fears of a yound adolecent is failure and so they find something they can immediately suceed at to make themselves feel more comfortable.Students need to get out of their comfort zone: set goals, strive for excellence, step out of the box if you will. Also I think family life has an impact on some of the students that have a rough time at home or struggle financially, and they need to use that as motivation to not get stuck in the same situation as they were previously.

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