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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Are You Happy With Your Job

I am often times amazed at how many people speak of their job as if its the worst thing in the world. Personly, I think people should work at a place they enjoy. This means that they need to gain the skills to do whatever it is they want. Often times that means going to college or grad school. Still, isn't it worth it when you consider that you are talking about the rest of your life? Anyway Yahoo Finance recently reported that most people enjoy their jobs saying:
A poll on the public's attitudes about work found that most workers in the United States were at least fairly satisfied with their jobs. A sizable number say they were unhappy with the stress level, health care and retirement benefits of their jobs. Seven in 10 surveyed said they are paid fairly. Men were more likely than women to feel this way.

FOR DISCUSSION: What would be your realistic dream job AND what do you need to do to attain this goal?


Blogger Kacy Sue said...

My dream job would be to work with kids! I love helping others and kids are just so much fun to be around. I would also love to help kids with a disability my brother has Down Syndrome and i think that that is one of the reasons i want to work with kids with any disability. To prepare for these jobs i plan on going to college. Also to keep working with kids my teenage years so i can have more expierence with them.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Eileen said...

My dream job would be anything to do with art because art is my passion. I don't care about all the material things, I just want to be happy with what I decide to do with my future. And that's the most important thing to me with what you choose as your occupation. To accomplish my dream job I plan on enrolling in an art instruction school and attending college after high school. I'mnot quite sure what I would like to major in yet, but I'm leaning towards graphic art.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Naena said...

My dream job would be an interior designer. I LOVE to decorate rooms. It's so much fun. To obtain this goal i'd have to do good in math and be able to draw and to go to school for 2 years or if i go to kstate go for 4 years

7:10 PM  

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