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Sunday, September 26, 2004

I am not sure these are even games

Pittsburg State continued their winning ways. They beat Missouri Rolla 91-27. That's right 91-27. Pittsburg State broke the MIAA scoring record and amassed 809 yards of offense. This win kept PSU undefeated and they should keep their #3 national ranking. The schedule does get tougher now with a home game next week versus Washburn.

FOR DISCUSSION: How should coaches and teams handle a game when its a clear mismatch and potential for a blowout?


Blogger Corey Wells said...

I dont think that teams should prepare any differently but whe the game gets out of reach for the opposition, you should go deep to the depth chart and run the ball. That is all that you can do because if your worst players are beating their best, you cant change anything except for like punting on first down which is highly advisable................oh yes mr. warsnak, my dad had a suggestion for something to with golf for this off season... you can email me @ or you can just remind me in class sometime but i think it is an interesting idea.

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