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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Day Away From School

While my students enjoy the last two days of homecoming week I am enjoying working on my Brown Vs. Board Of Education Grant. This week I am in Abilene, Kansas at the Eisenhower Library researching the role of Eisenhower in the case. This includes appointing Chief Justice Earl Warren and sending troops to uphold the integration of Little Rock Central High School.

Today I read a lot of letters to Eisenhower from ordinary citizens who were voicing their support and displeasure over segregation. It was insightful and I will bring some to class.

FOR DISCUSSION: If you could spend two days researching any president, who would it be? Tell me why.


Blogger Doc said...

I would want to research Abraham Lincoln because i think he was one of the best presidents of all time and think of how hard he had to work to become president, it kinda gives me hope to go and run for president hahaha. But i felt really bad for him too, because he just ended up getting assainated but i guess that made him even more famous dont know why but it seems like it just does.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Glenn Wiebe said...

I also had a bit of time to look at some letters from people. Found a set of minutes from a Citizens Council meeting in California that found "obvious" links between the civil rights movement and communists. Decided that if everyone would carry their bibles aournd with them it would eb one way to halt "the Red tide" and other civil rights "agitators."

Kind of spooky!

8:02 AM  

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