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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Perception Is Not Reality

TV, Radio, and Stores cloud our view of reality all of the time. After watching MTV SpringBreak one would believe that all college students go to Cancun and break every law imaginable. They would also believe that if they did not go somewhere for SpringBreak, that they are somehow outside the norm. A recent study by National College Health Assessment interviewd over 16,000 college students and here is some of what they found:

23.6% reported never using alcohol, but respondents perceived that only 2.9% never drank;

0.8% reported daily use of alcohol, but the perception was that 35.0% did;

60.0% never used cigarettes, but the perception was that only 6.8% never smoked;

8.6% smoked cigarettes daily, but 46.3% were perceived to smoke daily;

65.1% never used marijuana, while the perception was that only 17.0% never did;

1.9% reported daily use of marijuana, but it was perceived that 20.8% used every day.

Obviously, the perceptions shaped by media have scewed kids views of reality.

FOR DISCUSSION: What are some of your perceptions of reality that might not be true?


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