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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Presidential/Stock Market Game

If you are interested in politics, government, or the stock market then you might want to look at this Presidential Market 2004 simulation. It's a neat game where you trade market futures on the presidential candidates based on current events and other people's actions. The game from PBS describes itself as:
The object of the game is to finish -- on Election Day, Nov. 2, 2004 -- with the highest value portfolio by executing savvy, calculated trades throughout the Democratic primaries and the general election campaign, by betting on the likelihood that a candidate's "share price" will go up or down at any given time as a result of campaign developments or other events or that a state election will be won by the Republican, Democrat or third-party presidential candidate. In other words, Presidential Market 2004 is not a poll or a popularity contest -- this is not the place to pump your favorite candidate -- it is a simulated futures market in which only the shrewdest political analysts, and the shrewdest traders, will come out ahead.

FOR DISCUSSION: Which candidate do you beleive would help the economy the most?


Blogger Krista said...

I believe that Bush will help the economy more. I think that people don't relize that Bush has done an excellent jod keeping this country together during a time of crisis(9/11). He has done all he can to keep this country out of economic troubles during the war, and he has tried to keep jobs within the country. I think that all of these things have been attempts to help our country. If they have helped is to be debateable, but I think he's at least tired the most he can.

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