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This is my seventh year at Halstead which is also where I live with my wife and my soon to be two year old daughter.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Time For Predictions

The election is this Tuesday. It looks like this will be one of the closest elections in this nations history and it also seems like the nation is really split. I think it will be an exciting day and will probably see one of the highest turn outs in the past thirty years. In case you are not sure who to vote for, I think Frontline from PBS has a an excellent site giving a lot of good background information on each candidate.

FOR DISCUSSION: Answer any of the questions: What issue is most important?What will be the electoral vote margin of victory? Who will win? What states will play the biggest role? What will be the key factors? Who will win the popular vote? When will we know who won? Will Nader be a factor? What are your views? What will be the role of the media?

Pitt State Wins

The Gorillas are set up to play in the game of the year. They beat Central Missouri this past Saturday 47-27. This means that they will keep their number 1 ranking and it sets up the big game this Saturday. Northwest Missouri is ranked #3 in the nation and also undefeated. This game will be played at Arrowhead Stadium and it should be an awesome game. The winner gets an automatic bid to the playoffs and more importantly the MIAA championship. I am excited!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Capitalism Another Student's Blog

I really like Casey's post and wonderings on capitalism. I will also point out that I am a little disturbed by his fasination with Starbuck's Frapaccinos. Among other things, Casey wonders:
So anyway, I'm back at the bus, when someone asks me how much my Frappuchino cost. I told them that it was about 3 dollars and 50 cents, and I got somewhat of a gasp from a few people. "Wow." "Why would you pay that much for a Frappuchino?" And my only response to them was, "Because it's heavenly."

And that's when the question hit me. Are these people driven only by price? Not a single person asked me what it tasted like, or what the texture was, or how good it smelled, all they wanted to know what how many clams they had to shell out to get one. (Sorry about the pun.)

FOR DISCUSSION: Think about one of your last purchases...What factors, other than price, do you consider when making a purchase?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How high does the price have to be before you change?


I am still hearing a lot from my high school students about the high price of gasoline. It is also a common story on the news and even rears its head in campaign speeches. Still, I have not seen or heard of any of my students changing their driving habits because of the price of gas. Why? Probably because gas is an inelastic product that people need to perform in our society. That means the price can increase and people will still buy it. How high can the price get? Well, CNNmoney says:

If gasoline reaches $2.25 a gallon, only 10 percent said they would consider a change and only 1 percent said they would make an immediate purchase of a more fuel-efficient vehicle. It would take gasoline prices hitting a sustained $2.75 a gallon to get 19 percent of those surveyed thinking about a more fuel-efficient vehicle; another 7 percent would buy one immediately...At $3.25 a gallon, the survey found that about 35 percent thought about buying a more fuel-efficient car or light truck, and 18 percent considered making an immediate purchase of a more fuel-efficient vehicle. It would take gas at $3.75 a gallon to motivate about 40 percent to consider a new car and another 40 percent to make an immediate purchase.

I would let the price get much higher before thinking about a more fuel efficient car. I did buy an Acura this summer which uses premium gas and I thought about high prices of gas, but still other factors swayed me to buy it. I will point out that I probably would be interested in the new hybrid SUVs.

FOR DISCUSSION: How important are gas prices to you when determining which car to buy? What other factors do you consider?

Thursday, October 14, 2004


In case you did not know my first child was born this week. I am looking for the best advice you can give me on raising my little girl to be successful in whatever she chooses to do. So here is the deal:

Three Extra Credit points if you give me your best piece of advice. It can be parenting advice, philosophical advice, something you have noticed or anything else that will help me with my daughter. Make it good because Lindsey's future life rests on your advice!

We have a new adition to the family!!! This is Lindsey Mitchell Warsnak and she was born at 8:59 AM on October 12, 2004. She's the one with her eyes closed. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 11, 2004

Illegal Aliens And Driver licenses (Let's Debate)

My wife and I got into a heated discussion that I would like to share with you. We were debating whether illegal aliens should be allowed to get drivers licenses. Currently, they can not. My wife thinks this is fine since they are breaking the law by being here. I understand her point but I strongly support the removal of immigration barriers and think this is one that should be lifted. If they are here than why not allow them to drive?

FOR DISCUSSION: What are your feelings on the subject? Back up your opinions with some sort of rational. Should illegal aliens get in-state tuition?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Detroit 'African Town' Plan Stirs Debate

Many of you know that I have been part of a grant studying how to teach civil rights, race relations and American history through the Brown vs. Board court decision. This grant has given me the opportunity to discuss many interesting issues with other teachers, professors and experts in different areas of study. On topic that has been discussed is that the civil rights movement has slowed recently. One reason behind this could be that the African American community used to support each other socially, culturally and economically more so than now due to segregation. I am not sure I believe this but Claud Anderson does.

He believes that Detroit needs to set asides money to reestablish an African American section of the city. This would be like a Greektown, Chinatown or Mexican section of the city. The plan has little support but it is interesting to see that people in different parts of the country are discussing the exact same things that I was just a few months ago.

FOR DISCUSSION: What has happened to the strength of the Civil Rights movement? It seems that it used to have great leaders like King, Parks, Marshall and Houston but now its leadership is divided and its goals are unknown. What do you think is the reason behind it?

A whole bunch of students blogs

I thought it would be helpful to update the student's blogs that I know about. There is a whole bunch of interesting points of view and some really good discussions. Be sure to check out Taylor's site and post

Taylor: He's begging for some posts. Help him out.

Casey: I like his take on technology.

Carla: Just started an intersting blog about her life.

John: I have found out about a new TV show here.

Krista: Still asking some intersting questions.

Austin: Still having some emotion filled political debates.

Corey: Thank you for the kind words.

If I left anyone out please let me know and take a look at these student's sites. They are good and full of interesting opinions.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Sociology Links

Here are some sites that might be helpful for you on this assignment. If you find any that the other students could use please leave a link



Middle Age


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Prediction

Well, we are now one month away from the election and Sen. John Kerry and President Bush are in the middle of debate season. They are in the midst of getting hundreds of campaign speeches and spending millions of dollars on campaign ads. Also, don't forget the signs in peoples' yards. For all the work they do and all the things they say I believe that the campaign can be decided by one event.

This Friday at 7:30 AM the monthly jobs report comes out. If the jobs created beats expectations I believe Bush will win and if it fails to meet expectations then Kerry will win. I feel this report will determine the election because it will provide the economic fuel needed for one of the candidates.

FOR DISCUSSION: I have given you my opinion on the deciding factor in this close election. What do you think is the one factor (it might not be the most important factor) that will determine this year's election?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Pitt State Keeps Rolling

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of football information but it is one of my interests and it is my blog. Pitt State won again today to cap off their homecoming weekend. The Gorillas beat Washburn 70-14 in a game that was a blowout from the start. Pitt State has been averaging 70 points a game this season and seems to be playing their best football in quite sometime. The schedule continues to get tougher from here on out with games coming up against Missouri Western and Missouri Southern. Let's hope the good play continues.

PS The Halstead Band went to the game today and I hope that they had fun.

Friday, October 01, 2004

A Great Night For Dragon Football

It was a great night in Halstead! Homecoming was done well and congratulations to Adie and Nate for being named Homecoming Queen and King. Everyone looked great and that was all before kickoff. The game itself was one of the most complete efforts I've seen from our team in sometime. They beat Hoisington 21-0 and the band, cheerleader and dance team all did great. In all it was a really good homecoming. Pitt State homecoming Saturday! Let's hope the weekend continues to be as good as it started.

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