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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Capitalism Another Student's Blog

I really like Casey's post and wonderings on capitalism. I will also point out that I am a little disturbed by his fasination with Starbuck's Frapaccinos. Among other things, Casey wonders:
So anyway, I'm back at the bus, when someone asks me how much my Frappuchino cost. I told them that it was about 3 dollars and 50 cents, and I got somewhat of a gasp from a few people. "Wow." "Why would you pay that much for a Frappuchino?" And my only response to them was, "Because it's heavenly."

And that's when the question hit me. Are these people driven only by price? Not a single person asked me what it tasted like, or what the texture was, or how good it smelled, all they wanted to know what how many clams they had to shell out to get one. (Sorry about the pun.)

FOR DISCUSSION: Think about one of your last purchases...What factors, other than price, do you consider when making a purchase?


Blogger Krista said...

I think one thoing that people have to think about before they buy something is the quality of the item they are buying. In Casey's example he thought about the flavor of the Frappuchino and if that was better than a soda. Before I buy something I think about is this price worth what I'm getting or is it not. I think it helps to decide some really tough things like the vending machine candy.

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