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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Time For Predictions

The election is this Tuesday. It looks like this will be one of the closest elections in this nations history and it also seems like the nation is really split. I think it will be an exciting day and will probably see one of the highest turn outs in the past thirty years. In case you are not sure who to vote for, I think Frontline from PBS has a an excellent site giving a lot of good background information on each candidate.

FOR DISCUSSION: Answer any of the questions: What issue is most important?What will be the electoral vote margin of victory? Who will win? What states will play the biggest role? What will be the key factors? Who will win the popular vote? When will we know who won? Will Nader be a factor? What are your views? What will be the role of the media?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are how some of the political pundits are calling the election:

Fred Barnes - Weekly Standard Bush 306 232
Tony Blankley - Washington Times Bush Win
Donna Brazile - Dem Strategist Kerry 297 241
Pat Buchanan - MSNBC Bush Win
Margaret Carlson - Time Kerry 274 264
Tucker Carlson - CNN Kerry 278 260
Eleanor Clift - Newsweek Kerry Win
Charlie Cook - Cook Political Report Bush 271 267
Terry Eastland - Weekly Standard Bush 296 243
Peter Hart - Hart Research Assoc. Kerry 277 261
Al Hunt - Wall Street Journal Kerry 279 259
Bill Kristol - Weekly Standard Bush 348 190
Bill McInturff - Public Opinion Strat Bush 278 260
John McLaughlin - McLaughlin Group Kerry Win
Bob Novak - Chicago Sun-Times Bush 301 237
Kate O'Beirne - National Review Bush 297 241
Lawrence O'Donnell - MSNBC Kerry Win
Mark Shields - CNN Kerry 281 257
Tony Snow - Fox News Bush 280 258

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