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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pizza Hut and Olive Garden are the Best?

Last week the Wichita Eagle published its readers' "Best Of..." Article. I agree with some of its decisions such as Yia Yias with the Best Fine Food, Players as the Best Sports Restaurant and Kobes as one of the Best Asian Restaurants.

My concern was the large amount of chain restaurants that made the list. Pizza Hut had the Best Pizza, Olive Garden had the Best Italian food (I am not sure you can even call their food Italian), Red Lobster the best seafood and Outback the best steak. Personally, I think its sad when the local small restaurant do not get the credit they deserve. All of the restaurants listed above have multiple locations in the Wichita area and nation wide advertising. That is the base of their popularity but the quality and customer service is lacking. At most of these restaurants I feel like I am just being "processed" through a meal with nobody really caring if I enjoyed it or not.

FOR DISCUSSION: What is your favorite restaurant in Wichita? Tell why.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dillions had the best egg roll!!!! You have got to be kidding me. The best egg roll is at Kwan Court. THey are really hot and fresh, an I like the sauces they are served with

10:55 AM  
Blogger Naena said...

i dont know the name of the resturant but its a little mexican place on between harry and osage... its owned by this old mexican woman and she makes REAL mexican is soooo delicious..expecially the enchalidas and tamales

7:51 PM  

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