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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Why I Love the Internet

Today is the last day of finals! You might remember them from your days in high school or college as a stressful time. For teachers, it is a time of pure joy. There can not be an easier day than telling student 18% of your grade is based on the work you do today as you give them a large test. Typically I will catch up on emails and internet surfing during the day as I dread the thought of having to grade all of those tests.

Anyway, as I was avoiding grading finals I started to look for articles for my economics class next semester. I was at my favorite economics blog, Econlog, and there was a good post about the long tail of internet marketing. The term 'long tail' was new to me so I went to Yahoo and did a search on it. That search led me to another blog called "The Long Tail: Adventures in the Low End of the Demand Curve". It was a neat blog that happened to have a post about the music group They Might Be Giants. It was talking about two of their popular songs "Particle Man" and "Istanbul, not Constantinople". These were two of my favorite songs growing up that I have not heard in a long long time (I still remember when my brother first played Particle Man for me, I fell in love with it instantly).

This memory immediately sent me to ITunes where I downloaded each song for 99 cents. The neat thing about the internet is how quickly you can move from what subject to the next as you learn new things and bring back memories of the past. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


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