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Monday, January 17, 2005


I read this article from the Chicago Tribune. Its subject reminded me of a book from the Progressive Era. The first person to name the book I am thinking of gets five extra credit points. Good Luck!!

Here is an excerpt:

She is dizzy, almost wobbly. Her head aches, her coughing won't stop, and because she doesn't have enough money she has not filled her four prescriptions nor seen a doctor recently.

But that doesn't stop her.

Soon it will be midnight, and Ipifania Dominguez will be back at work cleaning up blood, bone and fat in the world's largest pork slaughterhouse. She'll be back in the "head room," as she calls it, where meat is cut from pigs' heads.

She'll be back reaching and bending as she scrubs the machines, walls and floors with a sponge, breathing cleaning chemicals that burn her eyes, clog her throat and linger, giving her a nauseated feeling when she stumbles home exhausted.

She'll be back at a job few want except someone like Dominguez, 35, a Mexican immigrant illegally living in the U.S., who is thankful for the work that has allowed her to send money home to her six children in Mexico.

For six hours nightly with no breaks or time to eat, she is clutching a sponge while shivering in the cutting room's permanent chill for a job that starts out at six bucks and ninety cents an hour. And she has to hustle because the factory must be clean for the start of a new day and the slaughter of up to 32,000 pigs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh! Is it "The Jungle?" I think.
Becky Mueller!!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

You are correct. Sadly I can njot give you extra credit in your history class, but I will add it to your A from your junior year.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Eileen said...

The Jungle!!! I get the points?
Eileen McNeill

5:03 PM  

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