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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Comments From the Supreme Court

I was reading the comments and questions from the Supreme Court debate on Ten Commandment Monuments on public property. I thought these two comments were especially interesting:

"If an atheist walks by, they can avert their eyes," said Justice Kennedy, who also complained of society's "obsessive concern with any mention of religion."

Scalia was persistent in proclaiming the religious meaning of the Ten Commandments. "It is a symbol that government derives its authority from God, and that's appropriate," said Scalia. For those who disagree, Scalia said, "turn your eyes away if it is such a big deal for you."

I am not sure exactly what I think of the comments or the cases yet but I am leaning towrds saying the monuments should be removed. I think a valid argument could be made that depending on the version of the commandments used on the monument, you could have an endorsement of religion so it probably is best to remove it.

Of course, I also see the historical importance of the commandments in the establishment of law. I guess I am sitting on the fence on this one. Maybe this is why I am not a Supreme Court Justice.


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