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This is my seventh year at Halstead which is also where I live with my wife and my soon to be two year old daughter.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This is the golf course where we practice, Wedgewood golf course. It is only a small nine hole course but it is a nice place to practice and while it might not be much it is ours! Posted by Hello


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Top 10 Leadership Traits and Their Relation to Me
1) Opportunity: First of all, anyone could become a great leader if they had it in them to be, but opportunity and the roll of the dice in the game of life are what make a person known. Without recognition and notoriety, a person could be an incredible leader but never be known. Besides the occasional pure luck, a person must work hard in their position as a leader to gain opportunities and help along the way. As I see it, I am still young and have not been aided by much opportunity, but I guess I have not sought for much either.
2) Confidence: The key to becoming a leader and influencing many to follow you is by confidence. Without it, others may view one as weak or not strong, thus less compelled to follow that one’s lead. If a person is unsure or doubtful as their role as a leader, then their success will be unstable as well. For me, if it is something I am truly supportive of or devoted to my confidence usually shows. I believe that others see that confidence in me and tend to soak it in as support for themselves.
3) Education: Though many leaders of the past have been greatly successful without an impressive education, in today’s world it is much more important. If one is not educated of the world and environment around them, then it is hard to know what that world should be led by. Also, people have higher respect for someone with an education. It makes the people feel that they are being led by someone who knows what they’re doing. I, for one, believe that I have a very good education and I work hard at my studies. People look up to me for that and appreciate my intelligence. I feel like people listen to what I have to say more attentitively because of this.
4) Reputation: People respect people who others respect. It is a hard fact that people like to go along with the crowd and believe what those around them believe. If a person is not respected by many and has gained a bad reputation, then that is what the other large part of the people will recognize as well. I believe that my reputation has suffered maybe a few small blows, but it still stands high. Most of my peers do recognize and acknowelege that.
5) Courage: Along with Confidence, opportunity, and reputation, courage is a strong trait in getting one the provisions they need. Without the courage to take a few risks, most things could never be accomplished. Life is very unstable and tends to want to throw people off their guard, but with courage a leader is capable to withstand such a blow and fight their way through a battle. I know I have a lot of courage in what I do. I am not afraid to speak my mind or take risks, and I know that impresses those around me.
6) Character: Past all of the strong leadership necessities, a value of moral and prestige comes into being. Though people can follow someone they may not like though they like their motives, character helps. It helps to gain even more support by allowing the people to have somebody they can confide to or look up to. If a leader’s charcter is high then they seem to be much more trustworthy than not. I belive my charcter and moral is very strong and people appreciate and admire that. People tend to trust me a little easlier than the next person.
7) Resourcefulness: Responsibility and accountability play an important role in gaining respect as a leader. Without someone who can be mature and responsible, most things would never get done. A leader should be a person of action and reliability, not procrastination. Though it may seem weak at times, my resourcefulness is usually accountable, especially if it is something I know needs to be done for my best interest.
8) Knowledge of men’s well being: If one is to lead a lot of people, then it is best to know what is in everyone’s best interest. It is hard to have followers it those followers are not being acknowlegded as an importance. A leader should look to take care of their followers and their well being. As a person I have a lot of care in me for those around me. Also, I admire those who also acknowledge other persons well being and not just their own.
9) Personality: Getting down to the bare bones of strong leadership, personality also has its place. Though most people can look past a persons personality and focus on their prestige and action instead, it still affects ones rank. If a leader has a poor attitude and crude nature as opposed to a caring and sociable personality, then that leader will not be as respected as the next. Most see my caring personality and value me as a person and not just some voice.
10) Physical fitness: Another low fact is that people like people who have a nice apperence. Sometimes it provides more of an illusion of trust if someone is important and good looking. Also, one’s physical condition plays a role in how affective their actions may be followed through on. Indeed, my physical appearance and condition and very good, and I guess that others enjoy that.

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