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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Treading On Dangerous Ground

Conservative Senators in Washington are entering into dangerous ground. Republicans are upset that Democrats are threatening filibusters on judges that would easily be appointed in a full vote. Senator Frist defends the Republican actions by saying "Our judiciary must be independent, impartial and fair. When we think judicial decisions are outside mainstream American values, we will say so. But we must also be clear that the balance of power among all three branches requires respect — not retaliation. I won't go along with that." To retaliate against this threatened filibuster the conservatives are proposing the nuclear option. This would ban filibusters on judges.

Personally, I see this as very dangerous. As sad as it is to see the Democrats hold up these nominations I think the Republicans promoting the nuclear option are wrong. They are being short sightened in thinking that they will never be in the minority and might want this filibuster option later on down the road. Also, this method of changing the rules in the middle of the game seems a bit crazy. I understand their frustration but this is the Constitution that we are talking about and this type of bending the rules is unreasonable. We will see what happens but I hope this activist type action is not successful.


Blogger Coach Brown said...

I don't see it happening, no matter how much Frist pounds his chest. Too many moderate Republicans realize that they won't hold Congress forever, and that they are already on tipsy ground because of domestic issues.

8:07 PM  

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