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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Where Should You Eat

Most students at my high school know my absolute passion for food. I love to cook and I love to eat out. This means each year as prom rears its head I get asked where should they go to eat. Well here are my suggestions for your prom dining. All of these places take reservations and are owned locally which I think equates to a more personal style of service:

1. Garazzos This is one of my favorite Italian Restaurants. “The Birthplace of Chicken Spiedini” this restaurant is delicious. The staff knows the menu well and everything is well done. I would suggest their Sicilian Butter to go with their bread and then enjoy either their Chicken Spiedini with Diablo sauce or Vitello Saltimbaco.

2. Chelseas This is where my wife and I go each year for our anniversary. This New York-style pub and grill with piano bar, offers a stylish atmosphere featuring an eclectic array of menu items including authentic seafood gumbo, USDA prime rib, and great appetizers. Exquisite desserts, such as creme brulee or tiramisu, tastefully complete your meal. They have a live jazz band too. This place is very reasonable and you have to try their French dip sandwich.

3. The Spartan This is a close restaurant in Newton. It is the most expensive restaurant in the town but it is very good. It used to be housed in the Wichita Art Museum but now they focus only on their Newton Location. The atmosphere is really nice and the food is great. I love their deserts and you can not beat the location.

4. Yia Yias This was ranked as the best restaurant in Wichita and I am not one to dispute it. The service is great and it is chic without being pretentious. It is also is loud and busy enough that you won’t feel as if everyone is staring at you. I suggest the smoked pork chop, the hanger steak or the beef tenderloin.

5. Sumos This is owned by a former chef at Kobes, Wichita’s first Hibachi steakhouse. This restaurant is smaller but I feel the food is better. Whatever you do you must get the garlic fried rice. It is fabulous and not overbearingly garlicky. This would be an excellent restaurant choice for a group of eight.

6. Make Your Own Dinner Finally, I would suggest that you make dinner yourself. It is pretty easy to put together a Caesar Salad, Skewered Grilled Shrimp, A Cajun Sauce, some sort of rice dish and strawberry shortcake. A lot could be made ahead and if you have a formal dining room than it can look just as nice.

So there you go. I hope you all have fun!


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