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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Would We Have A Constitution?

With the news that the French have rejected the EU Constitution it makes me wonder: Would the 13 colonies have been able to ratify the Constitution? With partisan battles, 24 hour slanted news stations, talk radio, daily opinion polls, and a reactionary public that sways on mere tidbits of information or speculation I would imgine getting 9 out of the 13 colonies to agree would be near impossible.


Anonymous Clemens said...

Well, I too think that it would have been impossible to get all the colonies to agree on one constitution.
And I also think the way the constitution of the EU is being ratified is pretty pathetic. It cannot be that in some countries the govt. decides if the const. is being accepted while in others the entire voting population is supposed to decide. Furthermore, a 2/3 majority of all the members should be sufficient for the ratification of the const. There are 25 different countries that can possibly stop the const from becoming law - I doubt that anybody was ever convinced to get the consent of every govt.
And my last aspect of criticism is that the const should have been ratified before opening the EU to the eastern countries - by the way, I think they should not be part of the EU yet - cause now it takes 25 countries to agree instead of just 15. Thus, the constitution of doomed to fail from the beginning on in my opinion

1:47 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

I am glad you replied Clemens, I hoped you would (Keep in mind that Clemens is from Germany and always provides a well thought opinion from the east side of the Atlantic). I have a couple questions for you Clemens:

What was German opinion of the vote and the pending Dutch vote?

What method will Gemany use to vote and how do you think they will vote?

I would think the Eastern European countries are surely going to vote yes for the Constitution which would make the 2/3 easier to get. Am I mistaken? What is your take?

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Clemens said...

Well, Germany has already given its consent to the new constitution. But it was only the lower and the upper house to decide!
The German govt has been in strong support of the constitution ever since the idea has come up. The same was true for the French president Chiraque, who has always been very close to the German chancellor Schroeder. It was really disappointing for both that the const failed to succeed.
Germany is not happy to see that the Dutch will probably reject the const. This basically shows that even though the EU has been very successful and effective in the past, not all the nations are willing to cooperate in that matter, what is pretty sad in my opinion
I think one of the main reasons that the const has almost failed is the Turkey question. Some nation want them to become part of the EU, others strongly oppose it. The French govt is in support of Turkey, however the majority of the population doesnt want turkey to become part of it. The same is true for the Dutch. They fear that they have to pay even more than they do now, and will get even less benefits!!!!!
You are probably right that the eastern countries will give their consent to the EU, as it was their desire to become part of the EU in the first place....
I am personally not really happy with what is going on at the moment - neither with the new members nor with the way the const is being ratified, but we will see what will happen.

It is also going to be interesting what is going to happen in Germany this fall, as the German chancellor is going to ask for a vote of confidence in July, since the social-democratic party in coalition with the green party has lost the latest state election 2 weeks ago, what means that there are no states left that are governed by the current administration. Thus, it is unlikely that they get any new laws through the upper house - as a result we will have reelections one year earlier!!!!!

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you not happy with the new countries? It would seem to me that this would help strengthen the entire European land mass opposed to only the richer counries helping themselves.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Clemens said...

well, you are right that the economies of weaker nations are being strengthed. However, since the Euro has a far higher purchasing power in the eastern countries than it has in the western ones, it is obvious that companies shift production facilities into the eastern countries without creating new jobs in the western countries - especially in Germany that has an unemployment rate >10%! The fact that these new jobs in the east are also supported with EU subsidies (Germany is the greatest donator to the EU together with France) really annoys me, because in other words: Germany promotes outsourcing by its domestic companies!!!
I think that the eastern nations should not be entirely embodied into the EU before prices on consumer goods and wages have approached to the western

10:37 AM  
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