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Monday, June 20, 2005

Constitutional History

The Constitution and American History are linked by a strong bond but still the role of the Constitution and its history is not ever directly mentioned through out my American History class. This does not mean that the subject is not brought up often; it is just never directly related to a “Constitutional History”. This might be because the students at Halstead High School have a brilliant government teacher, Joseph Gerber, who is an expert of the Constitution and does a phenomenal job covering all aspects of the document.

In my classes, the Constitution and its effect on history are discussed in different units. For instance, we looking at the late nineteenth century my classes look at the decisions of the Supreme Court dealing with labor and how those decisions are similar or different to the same courts views in regards to race. When studying the great depression, my classes have the opportunity to look at the views of presidential power as asserted by Hoover and Roosevelt. Another aspect covered is Congress and the president with the court packing incident and War Powers Resolution after the Vietnam War. Finally, we often times talk about the intent of the Constitution and different amendments.


Blogger Kelly said...

great work on your blog - your experience shows! When Project eHIKES tours the African-American locations you have already seen, you can go back again or stay at the archives and research - your call. Also be ready to discuss blogging with other teachers as we do some work on them on Monday. :-)

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