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Friday, June 03, 2005

More Money For Education

THE DECISION: The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday that a $142 million education funding package approved by legislators this year was inadequate.

MORE MONEY: Justices ordered the Legislature to double the amount of new money for schools, to $285 million, by July 1.

BACK TO TOPEKA: The ruling will force a special legislative session, lawmakers' first since December 1989.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Well, on the good side education will have more money which I pray that they put towards curriculum and instruction. I wouldn't mind a some additional money to keep me from searching those ads for jobs in other fields also. On the negative side, the legislature has to find $143 million. This means either more taxes, legalize casino gambling, or massive reduction in spending on other state services.

IN THE END: The legislature has known this issue was going to plague them and they did nothing and now they are going to have to swallow a bitter pill. I will be interested in who will be running for state legislature and senate in 2006.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you read the Newsweek a while back about the top 100 high schools? I was wondering your thoughts on the best and why (like should the best schools have been the ones with more rigorous AP programs or the ones with more creative styles of teaching?)
Personally, I think schools should focus more on ways to get their students excited about learning! I mean, I guess that sounds vague, but I know that there are certain teachers that can make even a supposedly dull subject exciting to learn about! And also maybe some better ways to teach better study habits. I cannot BELIEVE the terrible study habits at Bethel! There are so many students that turn work in late, slack off on projects, and somehow slip by with it! My sister said that her freshmen colloquy class had some emphasis on critical thinking and study habits that really seemed to help students grow. I like this approach better than having students plow through AP classes (even if they aren't ready for them) to get them more prepared for college (this is how some of the high schools in Newsweek tought their programs). You could integrate both of my ideas, but I just think intense studying just to do well on AP tests leaves some possible exciting elements of learning behind. What do you think! I like how you have evaluated the way that you teach and are working towards new ideas! That's great!

12:51 AM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

I did read it and I'll post on it when I get back to Halstead. I am in KC right now and using internet service where I can get it.

10:20 AM  

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