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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blog Entry #3 Constituitional History

Today Dr. Paul Finkelman went over three different topics that on the surface might appear to be a bit unrelated but can be tied together. The discussion revolved around the start of the Civil War, the issue of slavery and the framers of the Constitution and finally some of the key Supreme Court cases early in our republic’s history. These topics are linked because they are all based on what people think our country should be. Dr. Wintz’s statement that their was no unified goal for African Americans can be applied to all of America. The writing of the constitution, disagreement going to the Supreme Court and the Civil War itself are all based on what our nation should or should not be. The historical information gained today will be helpful in many of the discussions that occur in my classroom. Once again, while I do not teach some of these things directly, having it as background will enhance what I do teach.

One other thought about today…In reflection of the information and viewpoints presented it makes it must clearer how tough it can be to teach history. On one side, there is the immense amount of material that is expected to be covered but as Dr. Finkelman pointed out the more one studies a subject the more there is to know about it. Finding that balance is often times very difficult to achieve.


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