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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blog Entry #4: Race Riots and Lynching In the Classroom

An interstice topic to discuss today.

There is no doubt that many things that go on in a classroom mimic television: violence and action always get more attention than fiscal policies and political discussion. That being said when one looks at lynching and the race riots of the early 1900s it is important not to get too wrapped up in the morbid pictures and grotesque violence for only the shock value.

In my class, I have used some of the statistics on lynching in Kansas to show the change from the use of lynching in horse theft type crimes towards racial lynching. This would include using some newspaper articles from a lynching that took place in Leavenworth. Another, thing that I use is some of the post cards that show the crowds that attended the lynching as a social activity. One change that I think I will start to make is presenting the idea that Dr. Wintz mentioned about the difference between targeted mob violence in lynching versus the indiscriminate violence in the race riots. Also, the influence of the media and the building tension preceding the actual race riots.


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