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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blog Entry #6 How can you use baseball to teach history

One of the key instructional methods that history teachers try to employ is the use of metaphors. We try to compare an unknown time period or situation with something that students know well (remember Zell Miller telling Chris Mathews that spitballs were metaphors?). I mention this because this afternoon I was introduced to a wonderful technique of using baseball as a metaphor for the judiciary. I have used sports in my classes before. Obviously the integration of baseball is mentioned in the Civil Rights movement, I used college football conferences to talk about confederations, and popularity of different sports across the time spectrum help to add color to different units. Still, the use of umpires as judges and there different interpretations of the strike zone was brilliance and I am thankful to Dr. Finkelman for the idea. The other aspect of baseball that I plan to use is from the book Baseball's Great Experiment. This wonderful book by Jules Tygiel includes a chapter called If They Come Here, They Can't Play discusses the reaction fans AND teams had to the arrival of Robinson starting in spring training. This one section helps to entrench the idea of racism as part of American Society


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