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Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Deserving Champion

Today Sean O'Hair won the John Deere Classic for his first PGA tournament victory. Many people probably don't know O'Hair well but this is twenty two year old has gone through a lot and he has handled some stressful times well. Here is a sample from GOLF DIGEST

His dad would berate Sean in the presence of others. Dad admits slapping his son, but he says he never injured him. Sean declines to discuss the specifics of his father's behavior, but he missed numerous social activities because he was on the driving range, working out or watching tapes of his swing. "We'd go to the beach, have an outing at Disney, do something social, and he'd be out in the parking lot with his dad doing some crazy crap [drill]," says Erik Compton, who competed in AJGA events with Sean and roomed with him at the 1998 Canon Cup team matches. In addition to the golf work, Marc awakened his son at 5 a.m., had him run a mile and lift weights. After Sean turned pro, Marc cooked meals on a portable stove in their hotel room so that Sean ate the right foods. Every day was like boot camp, and the military comparisons aren't by accident...As a junior player, Sean was forced to run a mile for making bogeys or finishing over par at tournaments. Marc once claimed he made Sean run eight miles in 93-degree heat after shooting an 80. At a 1998 AJGA tournament in California, Sean shot 79, then spent part of the night logging seven miles on a treadmill.

FOR DISCUSSION: Do you know of any instances when parents or coaches have gone too far in pushing their children or players?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Texas cheerleader mom comes to mind! They made a Lifetime movie out of that story!


6:57 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

nice call

6:58 PM  

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