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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Calling Clemens...Please Help

I saw this today and it seems other industrialized nations are having some conservative / liberal debates:

Germans cannot agree on how to spell simple words. What then are the chances they will successfully tackle complex economic and social problems?

A dispute over reform of spelling rules highlights the difficulty of implementing change in Germany as reform-minded Christian Democrat leader Angela Merkel may find if, as polls predict, she becomes chancellor in an election in September.

In Germany's consensus-model of decision-making, she would likely need backing from a smaller coalition partner, but must also beware of infighting within her own conservative camp.

Germany's 16 states were all to have enforced new rules designed to simplify spelling in their schools by August 1, but the two largest, Bavaria and North-Rhine Westphalia, both conservative-ruled, decided to permit the old spellings as well.

Ulm and Neu-Ulm, on opposite banks of the Danube and in different conservative-led states, cannot agree how to spell the word "river," while "shipping" could have two "F"s in one town, but three in the other (Schiffahrt/Schifffahrt).

The new rules have been decades in the making. Unveiled in 1998, Germans have had seven years to get used to the changes. But a survey carried out at the beginning of August showed that two-thirds of Germans were still using the old spelling system and only one in five had made the full switch.

Germany's inability to sort out the issue illustrates a wider resistance to change which threatens to make the country a laughing stock, say media commentators.


Anonymous Clemens said...

Well, sry for not replying earlier, but I was out for a couple of days
Well, It is interesting
that even u start making fun of us....
The new spelling rules were supposed to make everything easier. How ever, many, especially older people, still stick to the old rules. I myself was taught the new rules in school and only use the new rules, although there are some rules one can never be really sure about, and the teachers are also quite tollerant.
Around 5yrs after deciding on the new rules - that of those are fairly questionable indeed - 2 of the leading German newspapers and some other magazines, too, decided to return to the old rules...
I have the feeling now, that anybody basically can write the way he likesĀ“
I know that it is a big mess, although it was supposed to make everything easier...
I hope this helps u out. And if u should ever think about changing the English language, I would recommend you not to, because it wont really work out....
hope that helped you!
Have a great start into the new school year!!!

5:46 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

I go with President Johnson's old line that you have to have a closed mind to only spell a word one way.

7:10 PM  

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