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Saturday, September 10, 2005

African American’s In Wichita 1900-1950 (Project eHIKES Kansas and the West)

This is the preliminary idea and outline for a research paper I am working on. Feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions.

General Topic: This paper will analyze life in Wichita, Kansas for Africans Americans during the first half of the twentieth century. The paper derives itself partly from Gretchen Cassel Eick’s book Dissent In Wichita which focuses on conditions from 1954 to 1972. I hope by looking at the social, economic and political conditions in the early 1900s than a better understanding for the later actions can be reached.

Possible Sources:

Secondary Sources
Stories from the heartland : African American experiences in Wichita, Kansas / by Judith R. Johnson and Craig L. Torbenson (BEST SECONDARY SOURCE)
Wichita by Fred Harvey
Dissent In Wichita by Gretchen Eick
Wichita 2000 A. D: build a better community : a bicentennial project to honor the past by building a better future
Wichita branch of the NAACP 75th anniversary celebration
Wichita, Kansas as I knew it by Ralph Richards
Selected characteristics of Negro population in Wichita, Kansas, in 1950, by Margaret Mullikin

Primary Sources
Wichita at a Glance: 1927
Committee report on study of community resources, for Race Relations Clinic 1947.

Wichita 1860-1930 by Jay Price
Wichita Negro Telephone Directories
Wichita African American High School Alumni Reunion books

The establishment and growth of Negro schools in the city of Wichita from 1912-1933 by Gordon Loraine Wes
African American Newspapers from
The Enlightner
The Negro Star
Wichita Globe
Wichita Free Star


I. Introduction
Possible Thesis: There were many factors in the first half of the twentieth century that laid a foundation and foreshadowed the cities coming civil rights turmoil.

II. African Americans in Kansas

III. Brief overview of the history of Wichita

IV. Economic Conditions for African Americans prior to 19590
A. Business opportunities
B. Housing conditions
C. Changes due to World War I and World War II
D. Wichita Urban League

V. Social Conditions for African Americans
A. Prejudice in the city
B. Church community
C. Educational opportunities

VI. Government Issues and African American
A. Laws affecting African Americans
B. Participation in Government
C. Education for African Americans in Wichita
D. Segregation (dejure and de facto)

VII. Conclusion


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