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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Former Student From Germany!!!

I always love it when former students email or post on the blog and sure enough Jan, a foreign exchange student from last year, has made contact. He says

hello mr. warsnak,...

if you are surprised, yes, i really do read your blog from time to time,
and yes, i figured out your email that way ;-)

well, anywas i hope you're doin well with your new class,...
i heard you have a lot of new students.

let's see, first of all, about the spelling in germany about which you
wrote about on august 14th on your blog, it's really not that bad!
most of my friends, and of course me also, know how to write most of
thestuff, and let's be honest, the first time i got an agenda with a page
"commonly misspelled words" was in the US.

Katrina was a pretty big deal in germany, and what's really interesting
is to see the "other" side of the politic "war" in the world.Everyone
pretty much is scared or hates G W. Bush here.The media is showing it
that way too,... he's responsible for everything
and the "worst" leader in the world.
I guess you know that I would've never supported him, but the last year
really kinda changed my mind and sometimes i catch myself defending him

I will start college this october in san francisco to study new media
arts and animation. I sometimes miss the small town quiet feeling, but
I'm still more comfortable with the bigger cities, so i guess this is
right for me.

I hope to hear from you and a nice weekend and next week!
Also tell all the colleagues I said hi,


I think Jan makes some great points and it is good to hear that things are going well for him. I hope that we get more notes and posts from him.


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