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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Former Student and Aide Stops By

Like the prodigal son returning from nowhere I had one of my former aides and student leave a post. Sam was my most recent aide and a wonderful history student. She is in her first semester of college and thing sounf pretty good. In case you missed it she said:

Hey Mr.Warsnak,It is I, your favorite aid, Ms. Regier. I thought I should
update you on the general happenings of my college experience and some weird
things.I've found that I really am enjoying college. Sterling is the perfect
place for me.I'm in honors classes and thus surrounded by people as nerdy and
over-acheiving as myself.Here's the one thing I really wanted to tell you
about:my history/world civ teacher.The first day of class he had on a
archeologist-style hat, unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt for that nice
"manly chest hair effect", and was wearing sandals. I thought, "This guy has a
serious Indiana Jones-complex." He also has an interesting voice. i figured it
out the other day that is sounds like Daryl Hammond doing an impression of Al
Gore on SNL. What a combonation. Sooner or later I think he might bring one of
those whips that Indian Jones had to class and insist that we call him 'junior'.
I think it will be a very interesting semester.All that is to say that I'm going
to miss your normal(sometimes) lectures and the fact that you wear suits and
never sandals.Hope the school years is going great so far and that John isn't
causing you too much trouble.


Sam always has a great attitude and I am sure she would be a great social studies teacher but she's into art education (I think) which she will do well with. My aides over the years have been wonderful and save my teaching career on numerous occasions by allowing me to vent, finding food and coffee, laughing at my jokes, grading stuff and making way too many copies. Thanks for the help and I hope you all are doing well in college.


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