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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is it racism? Posted by Picasa


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9:31 PM  
Blogger RandomAccessMalevolence said...

Other than the proceeding information being completely irrelevent... I have this to say:

I think that there is really no way that this could be seen as racism in a fair eye. I mean if you think that there is someone out there constantly trying to do you in, then maybe you need to go join all of the nice men in the canvas tux's and be closely watched by the men in the white coats for the rest of your life. Aside from that, there should be no investigation about this matter, and it is really hardly even worth blogging about.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

Fine point about the first comment. A lot of that has been happening recently. Anyway, I found it an interesting situation that could help to open dialogue about a sensitive issue. I would be interested in know your views about the current state of race relations in America. Thanks for the comment.

8:50 PM  
Blogger RandomAccessMalevolence said...

Alrighty. This topic to me is not really high on the list for social problems to deal with, but "I sense a disturbance in the force."

Today in the United States of America there is a culture that does what? Adapt to fit into whatever it is that has been deemed cool, interesting, or in the business world, professional. People strive for a professional image. Competition over looking the most professional or hip only leads to the stifling of an absolute definition. This, in my view, leads to confusiong and distrust among people who have taken a cultural adaptation and formed it into something completely different in their own search for their own individual defining aspect. Wich relates to what I view as our ever growing racial problem in the United States.
People try to outdo eachother, and like in any other competition, there will always be gridges formed. People start to accuse people of things to give them the advantage, and their overall goal is to tear down the opposition, sometimes the more dominant side of a culture, or in some cases the culture that wants to set itself apart, still a minority.
Competition for attention is a contributing factor to the reason different races shun eachother. But I believe that if there was nothing to fight over, if there was NO difference in color, and noone suffered from a massive or minor superiority complex, We, society as a whole, will always create something new to destroy eachother over.

Among the pointless afformentioned thoughts spat out at random (Recap.):
I do believe that races are treated unfairly by one another, and that it is a multiple-sided game. "Honor" has alot to do with the problems formulated between people of different races ever day. Attention is another, along with our societies superiority complexes (As in multiple; complai(Not a word)).
Alright, I am not good with humor and this is not a humorous subject.
Thank you for your time Mr. Warsnak, and if you have any more questions, I will be trying to watch your reply status.

Thanks for playing along.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

I am further interested in your thoughts. It seems that you are of the belief that people within a society will always try to classify themselves in order to set themselves apart and then attemp to make their group superior by actually being better or tearing down other groups. I would like to know if you feel then that anything should be done about the racial divide in our nation or if since there will always be class stratification if we should do nothing.

9:16 AM  
Blogger RandomAccessMalevolence said...

You have to ask the questions I don't want to answer. But if it weren't fun, I would not be here.

No. There should be nothing done about the racial divide. If we move in the right direction, then it needs to be because we learn from our own past. Call it unfair, but we need it to get to the point of what I am going to call, "racial war", before we will ever be able to look back and realize that it was stupid. However, if you think I mean that we need to let a bunch of people of different races into a room with weapons and the winner takes all, you are wrong. I believe that we need to allow people to have their own opinions and not force people to be nice about sensetive issues just because it might offend someone.

We have to be able to sort things out for ourselves, if it comes to violence, then people need to be stopped. As long as noone gets physically or mentally scarred, then there needs to be an under the radar zone.

On another subject. I really like the little...

"These essays will be graded on grammar (by my wife)"

...on the Sociology test this morning. And you made soo many gramatic errors on the exam itself... Oh God, you are effing hillarious.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Becky Mueller said...

So THAT was what Kanye West was talking about before he got cut off NBC!
To me, I think those articles look like racism. At least, here's what I saw: to pictures that looked almost exactly the same--both were people wading through water with bags of supplies, yet only one said "looting."
I have not experienced racism or had to deal with it at high school because I lived in a small and mostly white town. Going to a college with all sorts of backgrounds and countries represented, issues of race have surfaced more. It doesn't seem like racism is a big issue when you've lived in a small town, but it's out there and I don't think people bring it up because they imagine it. I think this picture is worth blogging about because it's unfair representation. Take a media or art history class and you'll see what I'm talking about!

8:23 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

I love it when Becky stops by. She will recall her senior year when we debated the possible destruction of New Orleans due to global warming. Little did we know that a levee break would bring that day much sooner. I always appreciate Becky's comments and I tend to agree what she says in the above post.

Becky here is something you probably never believe would happen: I argued against the Patriot act on Wednesday. It was a mock debate between me and Geber and I killed him. i even quoted the ACLU in a positive light. Of course, I had to take like six showers afterwards because I felt so dirty.

9:43 PM  
Blogger RandomAccessMalevolence said...

I understand that racism is a major issue, and that I do not see much of it within our little slice of small-town America. But there is also something else to look at:

AP. The Associated Press, the provider of the racist image, has this to say about themselves:

"The Associated Press is the bastion of the people’s right to know around the world. With a long history of involvement in FOI issues and actions, AP is an industry leader in “open government issues.”"..."The scope of AP’s efforts worldwide is extraordinary. Whether reporting on Iraqi prisoner abuse or the difficulty in getting aid to tsunami victims, AP captures the consequences of government action or inaction."

So to take a statement from an organization like The Associated Press, who takes pride in their very own ability to show people the startling, offensive, and mostly controversial truth, and match it up with a statement from the AFP, Agence France-Presse. Who are mostly benevolent and pride themselves in:

"AFP is the world's oldest established news agency, founded in 1835 by Charles-Louis Havas, the father of global journalism."

This is not at all a fair comparison. But then again, I have been called a nut.

I agree with most of the population, racism is wrong. If I did not make any sense to you, I apolagize for wasting my time, but this is just how I see this situation. I really would like to know more about how you feel.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

I don't random, I think you lost be a bit with the whole race war idea. Maybe clarify it a bit for me and I will get back on board with you but it seems that there has been a lot of racial violence over the years and it has yet to solve the problem. My personal opinion is that we are seeing the slow transfer of a racial divide in the US to a social class divide. Now many of those in poverty are minorities but I think it is starting to be more of a poverty issue than ethnicity issue. I back that up with the fact that more minorities are voting for Republicans, of course those that vote Republican tend to be more successful with higher incomes while those in poverty still remain with the Democrats.

As far as the Sociology test... what can I say I ain't no good with gramr

9:49 PM  
Blogger RandomAccessMalevolence said...

Please Call me RAM, it is shorter, and easier for those of you with poor literary skills.

Not to dis you of course, I mean, if I was not totally bored and preferred reading online than offline, I honestly would not be in any position to talk...

However.. I am out of time, and I do not want to make you think I am making fun of you, which I am not. So I think I am going to go to bed, because this morning I got up at 8:23 and I was late to school and got a detention. I was kicking myself all day.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Becky Mueller said...

Mr. Warsnak, I did read that bit that you debated AGAINST the Patriot Act. Booo for the Patriot Act! I had to go wash my hands just thinking about it!
No, really, healthy debates are always fun, especially MR. WARSNAK VS. MR. GERBER!!! Yeah!

OK, so those quotes about the AP meant what...? They sure have a fancy quote but that doesn't mean they're perfect and keep things totally neutral!

12:30 AM  
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