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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Miner Chapter 4: Toward A Brighter Day

Kansas history as represented in most survey textbooks gets mentioned only three times. Bleedings Kansas is discussed with the prelude to the Civil War, Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education is talked about within the civil rights movement and finally the People’s Party and Kansas Populism in the late 1800s is referred to as one of the radical movements in our nation’s history. This chapter covers the end of the nineteenth century and the movements that make Kansas known as a politically eccentric state. This includes prohibition, populism and once again the rights of women and minorities including the Exoduster movement. The book gives a lot of good information on all of the topics including a good commentary on how most history looks at the far radical elements of the People’s Party while ignoring other more conventional aspects of the movement. Miner also gives a great overview of Governor St. John’s actions and motivations in running the state. As far as using this chapter in my classroom, there are a variety of different methods. One idea might be to have the student s make biographical sketches based on some of the men or women mentioned or maybe to make a timeline showing the progression of event leading to more radical ideas; but I think the best idea might be to focus on suffrage, prohibition and populism as individual ideas and have a discussion of what the goals of each idea was. Then discuss whether the ideas were good or bad and maybe discuss some alternatives.

Favorite Quotes From Chapter 4

“The boom and bust was only one of the many instances of over momentum in the west”

“Kansans will vote dry as long as they can stagger to the polls.”

“John Ingalls put it as harshly, referring to all reformers, male and female, as sexually unemployed.”

“We want to restore the supremacy of the people, and we propose to do it”

Any quote from a critic of Populists


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