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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A New Idea In My Classes

Every year I try to do some new things in my classes but this year has been much different. Our school is doing all right but as I have mentioned in earlier posts things can be better. This has led me to try a lot of new ideas in my classes and some will work and some will fail miserable but my goal is that if students feel more comfortable in my classes, enjoy the type of work and feel that their views are important then the amount they learn will increase.

It is never a problem for me to be interested in my students. I try to be a mentor to them and expose them and get them to think as much as possible. My job is to teach subjects but I am always interested in my students future plans, and their views on current events as well as their opinions on fried chicken, ranch dressing and favorite vacation spots. The tougher part is finding out how a diverse group of students best learn a subject. My World History classes are going well and my Sociology class is fine but the classes I usually teach the best, Honors and Regular US History are floundering a bit. Things are fine but I feel that I am not getting as much out of my juniors as possible. My most recent idea is to allow the students to create their assessments then I am giving them options on how they gain the content. The assessment will be a STRUCTURED group debate which will commence this Friday. It looks like this might be a slight success but some of my students are really lacking motivation and this could drag down the whole thing. Anyway, I have more ideas to try and am always open to ideas from other people. Have a good evening.


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