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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Miner Chapter 6: Chastened and Changed

This chapter was probably my most favorite in the book. It covers a variety of social issues starting with involvement in World War I, progressing to African American Civil Rights, and the idea of censorship. The chapter also provides some insights in how Kansas dealt with labor unions, strikes and transportation issues. This chapter also goes into added detail about the establishment of the air craft industry in the state. The anti-German paranoia that erupted during World War I was very interesting. The central region of Kansas has a high Mennonite population and their pacifist beliefs along with Eastern European dissent made them major targets for the jingoistic beliefs that infected so many people. Miner also points out that as this was going on the civil rights of many African Americans were being stripped away. A positive note can be made about William Allen White’s work to get the Ku Klux Klan out of the state of Kansas and the support that he got in his run for office. Teachers can use the ideas of censorship from this period in their classrooms. The way that the movie Birth of A Nation was not allowed to be shown and all of the clips of other movies that were removed for being to scandalous, rude, of profane. Teachers can use this piece of history to have a discussion about freedom of speech issues.


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