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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Miner Chapter 8: Concrete Steps

This chapter begins with the famous Kansas “triple play” when Fred Hall resigned as governor and then was appointed to the Supreme Court by his lieutenant-governor, John McCuish. This ties to current events in Kansas because the triple play led to Kansas Supreme Court justices being appointed by a commission instead of by popular votes which some people want to do away with now (i.e. Kansas Republican Assembly). This chapter begins to drift from a strict historical analysis of the state and begins to fore-shadow into what the future of the state holds. With the 100th anniversary of statehood Kansas removed some of its long lasting moralistic strongholds such as prohibition. The push to be modern had finally started to win over in the state. The growth of Kansas also brought new issues that had never been discussed, principle among these was water. The issue of flood prevention, environmentalism and water for Wichita could be debated in a classroom setting, especially the tapping of the Equus Beds. The other main teachable topic would be that of school desegregation and the Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education case and the desegregation cases that came after them. The classroom teacher could have students research how these issues are still being played out today in current events around the state.


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