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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Miner Chapter 9: Like the Nations (Last Chapter!)

The final chapter of the book covers some of the most recent history in the state of Kansas. In retrospect many of the issues in the past forty years seem so common day that it becomes easy to forget that the issues were even debated. Having students list out the arguments against things that are so common today could be a productive use of this chapter. The issues that were argued about would include the establishment of Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant, Alcohol by the Drink, Severance Taxes and the lottery. From there the movement to other forms of gambling was quick to come about and is still being discussed. Another item to look at might be all of the legislation that has been proposed over the course of the book and look for any trends in it. The final issue s that students would probably be interested in are the abortion debates, the controversy of evolution standards and the idea of some of the western counties to secede for the state. This chapter would be very relevant to many student’s lives and would probably be a good way to get them more interested in the role of government in their lives.


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