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This is my seventh year at Halstead which is also where I live with my wife and my soon to be two year old daughter.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Richmond Chapter 12: Progressive Politics and Progress In a New Century

The heroics of Fredrick Funston and Kansas’ support of the Spanish American War open the chapter which shows the state of affairs in Kansas as a new century began in the state. Populism had died down but Progressive politics entered the spectrum around the state. In some ways there are some key similarities between the two in that they both looked towards the government for regulation in order to cure the ills they saw around the nation. In tis aspect students could compare and contrast the motivations, issues and methods that were implemented between the Populists and Progressives. It would also be advantageous to look at the results of both groups and discuss why the Progressives were more successful in the long run than their Populist counterparts.


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