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This is my seventh year at Halstead which is also where I live with my wife and my soon to be two year old daughter.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

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Kansas History Class Is Done!!

My fall class has ended. Overall, it was a good experience and afforded me tho opportunity to read and research some parts of Kansas history that I never would have gotten to do if not for this class. I think I will get an A in the class so all is good in the world right now.

Research Paper Reactions

Rob Barcus


The History of the Katy Hospital: This paper gives insights a number of important part of Parson’s history. Obviously it gives the history of the hospital but it also shows the importance of the hospitals in the town and tells some of the events in the town. The comparison of the hospital to modern day HMOs and how it was determined who would get services was especially interesting

Teri Blancho


The Clay Industries of Pittsburg, Kansas: This paper covered a new topic to me. Basically, I knew about the coal industry in Pittsburg but this paper opened up a new aspect of PittsburgPittsburg. that I never knew about. The variety of business pursuits and the competition in the industry show how important it was for the city of

Mark Boyd


Mayhem in Marmaton Township: Allen County Land Wars, 1882-1888: This paper gives information that few people have any ideas about. The idea of the high degree of violence and conflict that went on over the settling Allen County is crazy. The maps that were included were interesting to look at and added to the paper.

Steven Clark


Douglass School: Disintegration or the Black Community: This paper takes an interesting and unique look at school disintegration. It set forth the idea of the sub cultures that developed in segregated African American communities. The end of the segregation in schools removed one of the pillars of pride that the African American community had in Parsons and has led to a more fragmented community.

Mary Colvin


Parsons, Kansas Public Education System Through The Years : As a history teacher it probably isn’t too surprising that the this paper was of great interest to me. The districts history from one teacher and a room that needed the door open to provide light up through the current years is interesting. I liked the small human interest references that Mary made which helped to add a lot of color to the paper

Julie Dunham


RACE RIOT OF 1920 IN INDEPENDENCE, KANSAS: This is another topic that I had read a couple of old newspaper articles about sometime ago. From reading the articles I had to assumed a lot of the before and after about the riot. Julie’s paper fills in a lot of the gaps about the events that actually led to the riot. The tension in the town must have been incredible especially as the American Legionnaires disarmed the African-Americans.

Tracy Hutton


Lynching in Leavenworth: The Fred Alexander Story: I have actually read some of the articles that came from Leavenworth concerning this case so I was anxious to lead Tracy’s take on it. She did a wonderful job of going though some of the history that led to lynching in the state of Kansas and did a thorough job showing how the rest of the state and nation condemned the actions in Leavenworth.

Eddie Kearns


The History of the Army Ammunition Plant in Parsons: There is no doubt that the ammunition plant is one of the most important parts of Parson’s history and Eddie gives a well researched history of the plant. The recent history including the possibility of ghosts was new to me and enjoyable to read about.

Mike McEwan


THE EARLY HISTORY OF MORAN, KANSAS: This paper gives another good history of a town that we all know exists but do not know how it came about. The naming of the town is interesting and the struggles and successes that the town has gone through since then is an important aspect of local history.

Mark McFarland


Julius Augustus Wayland, The Rise, Fall, and Remains: This paper does a good job of showing the importance of how Girard became so influential in the socialist movement during the early 1900s. I especially found it interesting to read about Wayland’s suicde.

Patrick Moss


THE HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN PITTSBURG, KANSAS: Patrick brings another history of education that I appreciated since many people from my family attended Pittsburg schools during the early part of the twentieth century. I especially liked the information on the Coal bucket game between Pittsburg and Columbus High School. The historical significance aspect of the paper is alos a nice addition and gives a solid rationale

Jolene Pennington


Orphan Trains: I had once read a small abstract about orphan trains but this paper shed an amazing amount of new information on the subject for me. The role of the Children’s Aid Society and the compassionate strength of those who found homes for the thousands of children is impressive. The variety of sources used in this paper also makes it a more interesting paper to read.

Michell Piva


Pleasures of the Past in Parsons: This paper answers the question of what did people do for fun when there was know television. It gives all sorts of recreational activities that were popular in Parsons through is early history. The Opera House is really neat and the 20 saloons were good to read about.

Tamara Ponce


The Heritage of the Joplin & Pittsburg Electric Railway Company: This paper is a little different than many of the papers that I read. It goes through the history of one single business from its formation through its end. The story is a bit sad since the company was plagued with many mishaps and problems but it [provides a good idea of the business practices and issues of the early 1900s.

Diane Reeves


History of Dorrance, Kansas: I did not know anything about this town but it has an interesting history. The order that buildings were built and the establishment of the different businesses were well researched. This paper adds a lot of good information about the town and its people.

Faith Rosson


History of Edna, Kansas: Faith brings answers to all those questions we have always wondered about Edna, Kansas. Her paper is a good example of how a topic might be of interest to very few people but when they read the paper there is a lot if interesting information. The conflict over shipping line between Edna and Elm Grove was particularly interesting.

John Seal


John did a lot of research for this paper and then he put it together in a very well written paper. All of the different townships that existed in Bourbon Country is new for me. John does a real good job of explaining why certain towns were able to suvive while others became desrted.

Deborah Shaffer


The Katy Railroad and its Impact on Parsons, Kansas: This paper does a good job of explain how a city, town or community can be affected by a single industry or in this case a rail road. The Katy railroad and its impact of the early growth of the city is interesting. The end of the line in 1988 also shows the importance business in towns of any size. I also appreciated the explanation of where the name came from.

Greg Traxson


Civil War Massacre in Southeast Kansas: This paper had to be very difficult to research since it was so long ago and since there is so little information on the topic. I am really impressed with what Greg did with this topic. The different accounts of the massacre make you think about how many different accounts there can be to a single event.

Bill Wolff


Parsons and the New Deal: I find the New Deal to be a fairly interesting aspect of American History so this paper was enjoyable to read. The variety of programs that had an impact on the city was an important aspect but more interesting was the information on the sewing room and the book binding project. There was quite a bit of good information that one could use in the classroom in this paper.

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