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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Without Sanctuary

ASSIGNMENT: Today you will have the opportunity to view some photographs. The goal is to interpret the photographs to gain an understanding of photographers’ motivations. Choose Five photographs from Answer the following questions about it to gain and deeper appreciation then view another photograph and do the same. You will be asked to present you ideas about the photograph.

1. Why does James Allen search for post cards of lynching?
2. What does he mean that even "shame is for sale" in America?
3. Is the photograph seem natural or do you think it was staged? What evidence supports your idea?
4. What is the emotional mood of the photograph?
5. Consider the overall setting of the photograph. What do you see?
6. What is the time of day, the season, or the ambiance of the scene?
7. What is the central message or story of the image?
8. What do think was the photographers purpose or point of view in taking this picture?
9. For what audience might the image have been intended?
10. How was the photographer more than a neutral spectator at the lynching. How is the photo itself part of the ritual?
11. Was it made for private consumption, as in a family portrait, or for public commentary, as in a political cartoon?
12. What is the historical context for the image?
13. Finally, analyze the image for the issues it does not raise, the objects and people not included, as much as for what is included. Does the image raise questions that are left unanswered about the scene?
14. List or make a table of all the items you see.
15. What details stand out to you?

Feel free to cut and past this assignment to a word document to answer the questions or you may email them to me.


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