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Monday, February 13, 2006

Making History Questions For Paper

Country you will focus on:
Time you will focus on:
Name of scenario you are playing:

Real Events:

Name of your country’s leader:
What political party did he represent?
When did he come to power?
How did the leader come to power?
Who were the countries allies?
What earlier actions helped or hurt the country?
What governmental actions did the government take during the time period?
What military actions did the government take during the time period?
What were the goals of the country during the time period?
How modern was the country?
Did the country have freedom of the press and other civil liberties?
What were the economic conditions of the country during the time period?
What was the country producing?
Were there any resources the country had to import?
Who did they import with?
Was there ample food and consumer goods?
Were there any strikes going on in the country?
Were the any protests in the country?
What was the US’s view of the country?
Was the country getting stronger during this period? Why?
What were key events during this time period?
What were the treaties or agreements that the country participated in during this time?
Who would say was this countries major friend?
Was the country heavily involved in foreign affairs?
What was the biggest obstacle for the country in this time period?
How did the country’s actions affect them in the future?
What were some mistakes or good decisions the country made?

Your Game:

What decisions were similar to real life?
What decisions were different?
What did you do better than real life?
Who did you make alliances with?
How did you help the economy?
How did you make your country strong in the international world?
What was your biggest obstacle?
What did you find very easy?
What did you do about dissidents?
Who did you trade with?
How did you help the economy of your country?
What military strategy did you employ?
Did you use any Clausewitzian ideas?


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