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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Vietnam- National Archives

The National Archives has a lot of good, high quality digital images of documents availiable online for teachers to use. Upon doing a simple search for 'Vientam" I discovered President Johnson's White House schedule/diary from the day after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The schedule shows that President Johnson met with his closest advisors in the morning. The incident would end up leading to Congressional authorization to send combat troops to Vietnam and the massive escalation that would lead to the Vietnam War. This document is highly teachable because a class could use the document research and investigate to find out:

  • Indentify who the people were who met the president during the day.
  • Discuss what was going on in the US at that time.
  • Make inferences about what they discussed at the meeting.
  • Find out what happened in the weeks after August 3rd.
I should also point out that you could always hook kids by talking about the scandal that would erupt a few months later concerning Walter Jenkins.


Arc Identifier: 192444
Title and Description: President's Daily Diary Entry, August 2, 1964: In the early hours of Sunday, August 2, 1964, President Johnson received a message that North Vietnamese torpedo boats had attacked an American destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. In the morning the President met with Secretary of State Dean Rusk and others to discuss the situation in Vietnam. At the meeting it was decided not to retaliate at this time, to strengthen the American patrols, and to issue a protest note to North Vietnam. Later that day, the President walked to church services at St. John's Episcopal Church with Lady Bird Johnson.


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