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Friday, March 31, 2006

Iraq War Discussion Starter

As a primer for our discussion on the current war in Iraq use some of the sources we have disscussed in class to find the answer to these questions. Simply cut and paste the questions to a WORD document and then answer them.

Who was the first two groups in the United States to call for war against Iraq?
What does UNMOVIC stand for? What roll did they play in the Iraq War?
What is the coalition of the willing?
Name 5 countries that are part of the coalition of the willing.
Name five countries that are no longer part of the coalition of the willing.
What date did the 2003 invasion of Iraq start?
What were the 8 rationales for war
Why was Bush Criticized for his Mission Accomplished Speech?
Who was the US fighting in the Ramadam Offensive?
What day were Saddam Hussein’s sons killed?
What three provinces have had the largest amount of insurgent attacks?
How did Operation Ivy Needle get its name?
Have Weapons of Mass Destruction been found in Iraq thus far?
What day was Saddam Hussein captured?
What was the goal of Operation Devil Siphon
What happened at Fallujha?
What is an IED?
What is the total deaths in American Deaths thus far?
What is the current US public support for war? (give a per cent)
Is the Sunni triangle good?


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