History In Halstead

Location: Halstead, Kansas, United States

This is my seventh year at Halstead which is also where I live with my wife and my soon to be two year old daughter.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Little House on the Prairie

The Little House on the Prairie historical site offered a lot of history and some interesting insights into the lives of pioneers and settlers on the western frontiers. The entire site gave different aspects on how people lived on the prairie. The size of the cabin was basically equal to a storage shed today but it served as a home for five people. I was surprised that there was only one bed and no clear designations of what different parts of the cabin served for. This tells me that the cabin itself would serve as different room depending on the time of day. This would mean that at different times of the year meals might be cooked outside and the house would serve different functions. This is also reflected in the book Little House on the Prairie. Another, thing that I learned and found interesting was the one room school house. While it was a bit cramped, it was designed to serve all the children’s needs as well as possible. It was clear that a lot of cooperation would expected from the students and as positive attitude. The more that I looked at the historical site, the more I realized the incredible amount of work that went into making things livable and even maybe enjoyable for the families. The final aspect that I learned was the sheer expanse of the land on the prairie. The amount of open space between families must have been incredible and scary at the sometime. Overall, it was a excellent experience.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I thought the assignment analyzing major events of my life for each year was interesting. The fact that so many people had gaps in similar areas of their life was a suppose to me. It is understandable that many people would not remember the early years but the gap at age seven and eight surprised me. Dr. Mathew's explanation makes sense because the mind is experiencing a lot of changes at that time period. When I looked at my list of events; it surprised me how many events I racalled. As I continued to work on the list it seemed more and more event came back to me. While I might not use the activity in a US History class, it could be integrated into my Sociology class.

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