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Monday, August 21, 2006

An Economics Story

Icame across the delicious tidbit of information in the local news weblog and it will find a place in my economics class:

When more than 60 people showed up at the Wichita City Council meeting this week to protest the proposed displacement by Starbucks of minority-owned Sarah’s Ice Cream and Bakery at Mid-Continent Airport, council members got the message and instructed city staff to work it out. Given travelers’ stated desire for a Starbucks, the best outcome would be for the airport to have the benefit of both businesses. It certainly needs more such amenities. And the way this episode was handled suggests there is still a lack of sensitivity at City Hall to the concerns of the African-American community. That’s hard to believe, given the steps taken since 2003 in response to charges of institutional racism, including formation of a task force to review city relationships with minority contractors.

I ike the discussion of havin both coffee shops in the airport as a discussion starter for competition but there is a better discussion about the expectations of those who pay the rent at the airport and what they expect in return for their rent. Of course, there is also some room to talk about government interaction ith a local economy. Finally, it will give a hance to talk about the book The Undercover Economist.


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