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Monday, August 21, 2006


The Wichita Eagle has endorsed an idea of adding new restrictions on driving for teens until they reach the age of eighteen. The Eagle would like to see a more graduated, transitional approach to teen licensing in Kansas, including a period of driving with nighttime or teen passenger restrictions, or both. The Eagle would also like the Legislature to take another look at banning cell phone use by teen drivers. Obviously, since I am thirty-one years old this law doesn't matter much. It also will not effect my daughter since she will be operating under another set of 'family' laws. I do wonder if there is a better way to improve teen driving records without imposing new laws.

Any ideas?


Blogger km43dragon said...

Although the new driving laws wouldn't effect me, I do believe that the laws could use a re-vamp. I've ridden with plenty of wreckless high school age drivers, and I know that tons of students have recieves tickets for silly things like speeding. If the laws weren't changed I don't think that this is going to change. I think that either the laws need to change or the punishments need to be more harsh for younger drivers. Maybe if students had to pay higher fines or work community service for driving offenses than the amount of wreckless young drivers would go down.

However, I also believe that the laws need to restrict the use of cell phones. Not only should young drivers be restricted from cell phone use, but every driver should be. Cell phones (even with a hands-free headset) increase the chance of a car accident by 400%. Cell phones are dangerous for drivers, because people start paying less attention to the road and more to the conversations that they are having.
Just my thoughts! Krista M.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

Krista is makes wonderful points and even brings us some statistical evidence (we would like to know the source). I suppose my biggest issue is that instead of us passing laws, why don't insurance companies simply raise their premiums even higher on teenage drivers so that there is more of an incentive to drive safely.

8:49 PM  
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