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This is my seventh year at Halstead which is also where I live with my wife and my soon to be two year old daughter.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things Are Looking Up

We are about to finish the first week of schol and I am impressed with how things are going. The teaching staff seems to be motivated and highly professional. They are setting high expectations and working well together. The studetns are giving a good effort and they have been very respectful. There are a couple of potential problems that might blow up but hopefully they can be resolved before they get bad. Overall, the 2006-07 year has a A- grade!


Blogger km43dragon said...

But we all know that the senior class is not as cool. I've heard that things at the middle school are not going sp great.

Just some thoughts! Krista M.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Mr. Warsnak said...

Yeah, the senior class might be down a little but then again they might pull off something impressive. I hope you are having fun up at school.

8:56 PM  

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