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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Reason For US Economic Success

The World Bank recently published its index of the cheapest and esiest counties to do business in. The US ranked third behind New Zealand and Singapore. I have little doubt that the lack of government interference plays a large role in our economic success. Here is part of the report:

New Zealand has the most business-friendly regulation in the world, as
measured by the Doing Business indicators (table 1.2). Singapore is the
runner-up. The United States is third. Five other East Asian countries—Hong Kong
(China), Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea—are among the top 30. So are the
Baltic countries—Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Their ranking is a remarkable
achievement, as only a decade has passed since they first began reforms.

But the rankings on the ease of doing business also show that
many reformers still have a long way to go. Although Eastern Europe was the top
reforming region, some of its countries still rank poorly on the ease of doing
business. For example, Serbia and Montenegro’s rank is 92, Croatia’s is 118 and
Ukraine’s 124. Egypt, another top reformer in 2004, ranks 141. And India, though
making big gains on collateral recovery and ease of registering property, ranks
116—25 places behind China.

For Discussion: Does the same correlation between success and government regulation hold true in the field of education?


Blogger Lord Fuzzywig said...

Well, first off: You were dead on for your guess, sir! Congratulations on finding out my identity! Quite the Sherlock Holmes. ^__^

As to this post, though, I think it would be a fair assumption that, indeed, the lack of government interference in our businesses is directly attributed to our success as an economy.

To the discussion question:

I feel that, yeah, it does apply. I think it applies fully into the school world, much in the way it does in the governmental (political) realm.

You've always got such interesting thoughts, I need to get on here more and comment on your posts! (And keep my post count up as well-- insight into a student's life~)

Keep it up.
Lord Fuzzywig

5:36 PM  
Blogger Lord Fuzzywig said...

Oh, and also-- thank you very much for the compliments on the essay.. that's the kind of thing that keeps me writing.

5:39 PM  

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